Multisport Training Camp was great fun!!

 Multisport Training Camp – Apr 27-29

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 Training Camp recap by Coach John:

The first No Boundaries Multisport training camp was a great weekend. I arrived at Vogel state park at 12:45 and checked in for our campsites.  Getting an early jump on check-in allowed me to get a nice 40’ site right next to the bathrooms and showers and another site right across from it. I then started to set up camp. I pitched my tent, erected the easy-up, and set up the transition rack. A few minutes later Tripp Weeks showed up and we sat under  the easy-up enjoying some gin and tonics while we waited for a light rain shower to pass. Slowly over the next few hours everyone else arrived and started to settle in to their various accommodations. The women elected to get a large three bedroom cabin while the men camped in tents.

The first activity of the weekend was to be an open water swim in the lake. The water was in the 60’s so we put on our wetsuits and started to swim to the other end of the lake.  The only problem was when I asked if it was ok to swim they meant only in a small roped off area near the beach. Those of us that got into the water quickly were too far from shore to be stopped by the rangers but those that got in late had to turn around and didn’t get in much of a swim. Once we were all out of the water everyone left to go shower and change while Mike and I started on dinner. We had a nice fire going at the campsite and since we were car camping we had plenty of amenities including electricity and running water.  I introduced everyone to my Paleo cooking. We ended the first day sharing stories by the fire and eating smores prepared by Phil’s daughter Grace.

Since we could no longer start the day with a swim we slept in an extra hour and met for breakfast. Our campsite was complete with actual coffee maker so everyone was going to be well wired for the day. Breakfast consisted of Starbucks coffee with heavy cream and real sugar along with numerous forms of breakfast foods.  We then started the day with strength and stretching exercise led by Sandy before splitting into three activity groups. Teesha, Phil, and Mike were going to hike the Coosa trail. Harry, Kim, Tripp, Adrienne, and Jennifer were doing the Wolfpen to Skeenah gap ride. Sandy, Peggy, and myself were doing an out and back to Skeenah gap. This was going to be tough day of training for everyone but with beautiful weather and beautiful scenery it was all worth it. Once everyone made it back from the various activities we cleaned up and had an Ironman seminar on packing, preparing, and what to expect on race day while Mike cooked us dinner.  After a nice meal we once again gather around the fire with some adult beverages and had a very lively and amusing conversation. The evening once again ended with smores prepared by Grace.

Sunday we started at 7:00 to get an early start on running.  We were joined in the morning by Berta, Dave, and Phil’s wife Rhonda.  After breakfast two groups set out for the trails. Mike, Sandy, Berta, Phil and I were going to run the Coosa trail while the rest did the Bear Hair trail. Once everyone finished their run we packed up to go home disappointed that we had to leave. We had a great group and great time enjoying each other’s company while getting in some quality training. I can’t wait until our next training camp.